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Sabina Ddumba - Effortless

Presenting Sabina Ddumba, our first artist to perform for us. Sabina, who has over 30 million streamings from Spotify, sings her song Effortless and briefly lets you in on her childhood. She grew up in Stockholm Sweden and her music has soul, gospel and R&B influences.

Most countries in the world, and Sabina Ddumba, have agreed that children's rights shall be protected. Every color in the Childhood dotted logo represent one of the many articles of the UN Convention of the rights of the child.

Sabina Ddumba represents the color Purple and the article "Every child has the right to life and development".



SUN - Article 19
Every child has the right to be protected from all forms of violence and abuse


BERRY - Article 20
Every child has the right to life and development


SKY - Article 3

In all actions concerning children, the best interest of the child shall be a primary consideration

OCEAN - Article 2

All rights must be granted to each child without discrimination of any kind

GROUND - Article 20

A child who cannot live with his or her family has the right to alternative care

TREE - Article 31

Every child has the right to rest, leisure and play

CASTLE - Article 34

Every Child shall has the right to protection from all forms of sexual exploitation and sexual abuse

FANTASY - Article 35

Traffic in children for any purpose or in any form must be prevented

HEART - Article 39

A child victim of neglect, exploitation and abuse has the rigth to recovery and social reintegration


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This website is a platform to create awareness about the cause and campaign showcasing interesting childhood stories from famous artists, while explaining the meaning of colors and how they relate to the UN convention, and ultimately performing songs exclusively.

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Today 230 million children are affected by sexual abuse, trafficking and violence. Childhood back over 1.000 projects in 16 countries world wide. The UN leaders have set up a goal to end all forms of abuse and violence against children by 2030. Read all about the work of Childhood here.

World Childhood Foundation

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults. World Childhood Foundation works globally for children's right to a safe and happy childhood. We utilize preventative measures to ensure that children will not be sexually abused and exploited. The best such measure is to ensure that all children receive a childhood worth remembering and that they are given the chance to grow up in a loving and caring family. World Childhood Foundation wants to give all children a happy childhood and the opportunity to develop into strong, secure and responsible human beings.